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Treasury Management Solutions

The right tools for managing your business’s cash.

Growing profits and reducing risk are two of the primary goals of any business. That’s why we offer an array of treasury management solutions to simplify your commercial banking.

The Treasury Management professionals at Home Federal Bank can help you efficiently manage your cash with the following business solutions:

  • Automated Clearing House Origination (ACH) Services: Transfer funds between financial institutions and accounts with different owners. Use this service for any automatic debit and credit payments, including processing outgoing payroll directly to your employees’ accounts or collecting payments or dues from others.
  • Positive Pay: Use this automated fraud detection tool to help your business reduce or avoid financial loss due to check fraud. Positive Pay allows you to quickly identify, review and act upon altered, counterfeit or unauthorized checks presented for payment—all before funds change hands.
  • Remote Deposit: Get your cash flowing faster with Remote Deposit. Electronically scan checks at your place of business using a small desktop scanner and computer terminal, and securely transmit the images to Home Federal Bank for same-day deposit.
  • Business Maximizer Sweep: Make your funds work for you! Automatically sweep your funds into or out of your Home Federal Bank accounts as you need them. Idle funds can be put to work earning a return while funds needed to pay checks and withdrawals or maintain minimum balances can still be made available.

Additional Treasury Management options you may want to consider include:

Call today to arrange a no-cost consultation with one of our Treasury Management professionals. Our team will help you choose the right tools for managing your business’s cash.