Phishing Scam

A scam is currently circulating involving a phone caller that claims your ATM card has been blocked and asking you to press 1 to restore service. These calls are a scam and neither HomeFed or Bank of the Cascades would contact you in this manner. If you've given out your card information, please contact us at 1-800-888-7283.

Home Federal Bank

Automated Clearing House Origination (ACH) Services

Transfer funds between financial institutions and accounts with different owners. Use this service for any automatic debit or credit payments, including processing outgoing payroll directly to your employees’ accounts, collecting payments or dues from others, and business-to-business payments.

Home Federal Bank offers two ACH packages to accommodate commercial accounts of all sizes: ACH Essentials for Small Business and our full-service ACH Origination package. A qualifying business checking account is required to utilize these services.

  • Improves cash management: more reliable and predictable payment streams allow for better cash forecasting.
  • Reduces risk: minimizes fraud potential and eliminates the risk of lost or stolen checks.
  • Lowers costs: ACH reduces processing costs associated check writing, wire transfers, and reconciliation costs.
  • Creates efficiencies: account reconciliations are simplified.
  • Faster, more reliable transfer of funds

This full-featured package of ACH services is designed for clients who conduct a large volume of ACH transactions or need advanced ACH capabilities.

  • Low monthly service charge
  • Transactions are charged on a per-item basis, so you only pay for the services you use
  • Analyzed Business Checking is required

ACH Essentials is the perfect option for a small business interested in processing outgoing payroll directly to employee accounts or sending direct payments to vendors.

  • Perfect for processing payroll or sending direct payments
  • Low monthly service charge includes a generous number of originated items per month
  • Premium Business Checking or Business Interest Checking is required to utilize this service