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Positive Pay

Reduce your risk of financial loss due to check fraud.

Losses from check fraud continue to increase at an alarming rate. Help protect your business with Positive Pay, an automated fraud detection tool that can help your business reduce or avoid financial loss due to check fraud. Positive Pay allows you to quickly identify, review and act upon altered, counterfeit or unauthorized checks presented for payment—all before funds change hands.

  • Significantly reduces loss from check fraud.
  • Increases both the effectiveness and timeliness of fraudulent check detection over traditional methods.
  • Your checks are paid automatically only if they match the account number, check number and dollar amount on the list of checks issued by your company.
  • Issued check files and exception item notifications are sent daily ensuring quick detection of any discrepancies or suspicious activity.


An Analyzed Business Checking account and Commercial eBanking are required in order to use Positive Pay.

  • Your business provides the Bank with a daily file in a specified format detailing all checks you have issued.
  • This file is imported into the Bank’s system for comparison to checks being presented for payment against your account.
  • If an unauthorized payment is presented, you have an opportunity to review all exception items before making a final “pay” or “return” decision.