Home Federal Bank

Treasury Sweep Services

Make your funds work for you! Automatically sweep your funds into or out of your Home Federal Bank accounts as you need them. Idle funds can be put to work earning a return while funds needed to pay checks and withdrawals or maintain minimum balances can still be made available.

  • Maximizes your return on idle funds
  • Reduces overdrafts and service charges
  • Automatic movement of funds keeps your money working at all times
  • More efficient monitoring of account activity
  • Deposit all funds into your HomeFed Business Checking account.
  • Cash remaining in your checking account at end-of-day is automatically swept into your Sweeps account, where it earns a competitive rate.
  • If your end-of-day balance in your business checking is below your preset target, funds are swept back into your checking account from your Sweeps account.
  • Funds automatically sweep as needed to help reduce overdrafts and service charges.