Phishing Scam

A scam is currently circulating involving a phone caller that claims your ATM card has been blocked and asking you to press 1 to restore service. These calls are a scam and neither HomeFed or Bank of the Cascades would contact you in this manner. If you've given out your card information, please contact us at 1-800-888-7283.

Home Federal Bank

Compensation and Benefits

In addition to competitive base salaries and incentive opportunities, Home Federal Bank offers comprehensive and competitive benefits to both full-time and part-time team members. We believe in a total compensation approach which includes base pay, variable pay, 401(k) and Employee Stock Ownership Plan (KSOP), and an array of bank financial products and services.

Home Federal Bank seeks to be an employer of choice by offering a comprehensive and competitive benefits program. A selection of Bank-provided basic benefit plans offer a "safety net" against the financial impact of catastrophic life events. Our optional benefit programs are designed to allow each team member the flexibility to create a personal benefits package that meets his or her individual or family needs.

The following summary offers an overview of benefit programs available to Home Federal Bank team members.

Health Insurance Home Federal Bank offers medical insurance through Regence Blue Shield HSA Health plan which is a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) network and Heath Savings Account plan.  The plan is a Consumer Directed Health Plan (CDHP) combined with an employer-funded Health Savings Account.
Health Savings Account A Health Savings Account (HSA) is provided for each team member who selects the CDHP insurance option. The combination of the CDHP and HSA accounts can help control premium increases, provide tax advantages, give team members more choice and control over their health-care spending, earn interest income on unused portions, and provide opportunities for tax-deferred investments. Each payroll period that a team member is enrolled in the HSA option of the Regence Blue Shield medical insurance, Home Federal Bank and the team member (optional) contributes to the team member's HSA account for their use toward eligible healthcare expenses.
Flex Spending /Dependent Care Account Home Federal Bank offers team members the option to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare or dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars through a Flexible Spending Account.
Vision Insurance Vision insurance is offered for both team members and dependents through VSP, one of the largest vision insurers in the State of Idaho.
Dental Insurance Dental insurance is available to team members and dependents through Delta Dental of Idaho. This plan features orthodontia coverage for dependent children and rollover of unused benefits to apply toward following years' annual maximum coverage amounts.
401(k) and Employee Stock Ownership Plan (KSOP) Home Federal offers a tax-deferred retirement plan with matching contributions in Home Federal Bank stock.  Home Federal Bank matches 100% of each team member's annual contribution in Bank stock, up to a maximum of 4% of compensation deferred.  After the annual matching contributions have been satisfied, additional Home Federal stock may be allocated to qualified participants.  Team members are 100% vested in the Bank’s matching contributions and in ESOP allocations after 3 years of vesting service. 
Disability Insurance Short-term and Long-term disability insurance is provided and paid in full by Home Federal Bank for all team members (except temporary and peak-time). This benefit pays you up to 60% of your salary dollars while out on disability.
Life Insurance Group life insurance is provided and paid in full by Home Federal Bank for both full- and part-time team members. This policy also includes an Accidental Death and Dismemberment plan, and dependent Life Insurance is also provided and paid for by Home Federal for spouses and dependent children.
Supplemental Life Insurance Supplemental term life insurance is available as an option for team members and their spouses and children.
"Work-Life Balance" Team Member Assistance Home Federal Bank provides and pays in full for this confidential and voluntary counseling assistance for team members and their dependents. On-line access to resources and instant 24/7 phone consultation and optional follow-up counseling is available.
Paid Holidays Home Federal Bank provides paid Holidays to full- and part-time team members based on the number of hours worked per day or week.
Paid Time Off Plan A generous Paid Time Off (PTO) plan provides full- and part-time team members with paid time away from work that can be used for vacation, personal time, personal illness, or time off to care for dependents. PTO is earned on a daily basis and credited to each team members PTO account each week. The rate at which a team member accrues PTO is determined by their length of service, employment category, and the number of hours in the team members standard work schedule.


Additional Team Member Programs:

  • Incentive Compensation Plans
  • T.I.P.S. (Top Ideas for Productivity & Savings)
  • Discounted Financial Products & Services
  • Recruiting Referral Bonuses
  • Continuing Education Reimbursements