Phishing Scam

A scam is currently circulating involving a phone caller that claims your ATM card has been blocked and asking you to press 1 to restore service. These calls are a scam and neither HomeFed or Bank of the Cascades would contact you in this manner. If you've given out your card information, please contact us at 1-800-888-7283.

Home Federal Bank

CD-Secured Loans

A great way to make major purchases without draining your savings accounts.

Saving money can be difficult, yet major purchases still need to be made. A CD-Secured Loan is the perfect solution that allows your savings balance to continue to grow, while providing you with a cost-effective means to borrow for the things you need now.

$500 minimum
CD maturity (maximum of 24 months)
Max Loan To Value
90% of CD
Loan Fee
Interest-only option
Prepayment Penalty
See disclosures tab for full details.
Term Maximum Loan to Value Loan Fee APR
CD Maturity (up to a maximum of 24 months) 90% $100 CD APY + 3.000%1
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Effective date: 4/17/2014

Subject to credit approval. Interest-only payments are due monthly. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) effective as of date shown above. Up to three certificates of deposit may be used as collateral for one CD-Secured Loan, if all rates on CDs are the same. Earliest maturity date of the CD determines maturity date for loan. CD may not be an IRA or Keogh, or have a variable rate or term. The CD cannot be held in the name of a trust. Only owners of the CD may be borrowers on the loan.

1 Minimum loan rate of 4.500% APR or the CD APY + 3.000%, whichever is higher. APR is based on a loan amount of $10,000 including a $100 loan fee and a $45 document preparation fee paid in cash at closing.

Need money now but don't want to tap your savings?

A CD-Secured Loan at HomeFed is an easy and affordable way to get the funds you need now, without disrupting your savings balances.

  • Allows you to continue to earn interest on your Certificate of Deposit while you borrow against the balance
  • No qualification necessary!
  • A great way to build good credit

Other Benefits and Features

  • Unbelievably low interest rates make this an affordable way to borrow funds
  • Online access to your loan account via eBanking

Interest-only payments are due monthly.

Collateral may not be an IRA or Keogh, or have a variable rate or term. The account cannot be used for a trust. Only owners of the Certificate of Deposit can be on the loan.