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A flexible, personal line of credit for your checking account.

For larger household purchases or family needs, we also offer Personal Term Loans.

$500 to $2,500
Annual Maintenance Fee
Variable, depending on amount of credit used
Prepayment Penalty
Term Loan Amount Interest Rate APR
Revolving $500-$2,500 18.000% 18.000%
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Effective date: 4/16/2014

CheckCredit requires a Home Federal Bank checking account. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) effective as of date shown above. Subject to credit approval.

Annual fee of $24 applies and is assessed on the anniversary date each year thereafter. The minimum payment required is: (a) 5% of the outstanding revolving loan account balance plus interest or $20 plus interest, whichever is greater; or (b) the entire account balance, if it is less than $20.

Peace of mind for your checking account

CheckCredit is a perfect solution for protecting yourself against accidental overdrafts on your personal checking account, or extending your purchasing power without relying on credit cards.

  • Revolving line of credit is there when you need it
  • Protects against accidental overdrafts
  • Extends your purchasing power without tapping into credit cards

Other Benefits and Features

  • May save you expensive overdraft fees
  • Online access to your loan via eBanking